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Introducing Our New Website and Dental Newsletter!
Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care. To us that includes keeping you informed regarding dental services, relevant issues and health topics to keep you smiling.

With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to our new website and this dental eNewsletter! Both will be used to keep you up to date with regards to dental topics and news from around our office alongside oiut social media. This eNewsletter is for you our valued patients. Please let us know what you think and feel free to offer us suggestions as to what you would like included in future issues, we would love to hear from you.

Please note: You are free to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. Just click on the link at the bottom of each and every newsletter we send.

The website allows you to learn more about our team as well as dental services that you may be interested in. There are many ways for you to interact with us directly. Please click here and take a tour of our new website, we would love to hear what you think.

Until next month, keep smiling,

Dr. Kapoor and the Trafalgar Village Dental Team

August 2014: What's New!
Warm weather, long days and so much to do!

There's always a palpable hurry in August to get as much done before the summer is over and it's time to go back to school.

The CNE at Exhibition Place is always a fun place to be on a summer's day. If you're like most people, a must-see attraction is the famed Food Building wherein you'll find all sorts of fantastical delights.

While it's fun to be gluttonous and enjoy yourself every once and a while, be sure to take care of your mouth and avoid eating anything too hot, too spicy, or too sugary. At the very least, chew sugar-free gum (preferably a gum like Trident Xtra Care Gum) after you eat. Chewing sugar-free gum helps protect your teeth and gums between meals as it helps the mouth to produce more saliva - the mouth's natural defense against acid. And don't forget: chewing sugar-free gum is no substitution for brushing, so make sure you still brush your teeth when you get home.

School is just around the corner...

If you are heading off to college or university, bring your good oral health habits along with you. Be sure to check your school's student health plan as it may include dental coverage. Remember to review the coverage offered to you and let us know if you have any questions. As for the younger kids, August is a great time to come in for a checkup before the hectic school year begins. Call or click here today to book an appointment.

We hope you are enjoying the summer!

Momstown Event at Trafalgar Village Dental
On Friday, June 6th, we hosted a special Momstown Oakville event.

We decorated tooth fairy boxes, had story time where Peppa Pig was visited by the Tooth Fairy for the first time and the kids had a great time riding our dental rocketship. The kids also learned about healthy eating during snack time.

If you would like to arrange an event for your business or group please call us at 905-339-0404.

Click here for more pictures of the event!

Camping with a Smile
There's nothing like spending a hot summer weekend in the great outdoors, paddling a canoe, hiking through the woods, sleeping under the stars, leaving work and all of your other responsibilities behind to be one with nature.

Well, maybe not all of your responsibilities. Whether you're a regular outdoorsman or an inexperienced tag along, there's plenty of space in that backpack for your toothbrush, so before you brave the 400 traffic consider these oral hygiene tips for the outdoors.

Click here for our camping oral hygiene tips!

Smoky Eggplant Dip
When you're at the farmers' market, be sure to pick up fresh vegetables, including eggplant, spinach and garlic for this delicious smoky eggplant dip. It makes a great healthy snack to enjoy at a BBQ, at the beach or just lounging around the house.

Quick fun fact: Eggplants are technically berries!

Click here for the recipe!

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